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You Never Forget Your First

We’re always conditioned to search out the new. In the world of home entertainment, that seems a never-ending theme. Newer is more; more…
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The Ultimate User Interface

  Automated Living Brings You The Ultimate User Interface How Do You Make Things Work? The ultimate user interface? Thought control. We’re not…
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It’s What Happened at “The Show” This Year

    It’s That Time of Year… It’s that time of year again… No, not the start of football season, although that’s certainly…
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It’s Bigger, Badder, Better

It’s Bigger, Badder, Better… Size matters; just ask your…. cruise ship company. Bigger is just more fun.  It’s the same for image sizes…
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Mayor Greg Fischer’s Give A Day week of service

Automated Living doing a little painting on Mayor Greg Fischer’s Give a Day week of work.    
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