We’re always conditioned to search out the new. In the world of home entertainment, that seems a never-ending theme. Newer is more; more pixels, more channels, more surround sound speakers…… Yes, you can have an experience now that is a virtual copy of what the studio engineers enjoyed when they made it, but….. What if it’s not always about the new, but sometimes about the old?

What’s Old is New Again?

Yeah, Baby! Neilsen, the same research folks that tell if your favorite TV show is a hit or dud, report that in 2017 vinyl album sales climbed for the 12th straight year. Not only did overall sales numbers climb, the number of hot selling LPs was up 32% year over year. In an era where some kids ask: “What’s a CD, and why would I ever want one?” (Really, we’ve been asked that.) it’s refreshing to know that some things are still about the music.

Why would anyone want one of those big platters, when the new high bit rate audio formats deliver stellar fidelity that was just a tangerine dream just a few years ago, unless your paychecks had a CBS, Sony, or A&M logo on them? It’s about the story and the warmth, really.

From the Corners of My Mind….

Just as escalating values on Hemi ‘Cudas, split window Corvettes, and Shelby Mustangs are powered by a generation’s ability to own memories from their (misspent?) youth, vinyl is visceral. It elicits a day when life was easy, and possibilities endless…. the good, old days. Vinyl also has stories. Each comes wrapped in one.

Today, there’s convenience at the cost of involvement. We enjoy from a distance, and the music isn’t part of the experience; merely hitchhiker along for the ride.

Not with vinyl; you must get your hands dirty, and it feels great! It’s the difference between growing prize-winning tomatoes and picking your salad at Whole Foods. They both taste great, but there’s a difference you can feel.

On a related note, it’s often said that environment is half of what reaches your ears. DTS and Dolby, the brain trusts who bring us movie sound track technology control, or rather create, the environment with a dizzying array of digital signal processing and audio channels. When we set up your system, we “eliminate the room” with room correction technologies.

Surround sound has journeyed from 5.1 to 7.1 and now 11.2. Make no mistake, for movie sound tracks designed with this tech baked in, it’s nothing short of a revelation. Ooohs and Ahhhss abound every time we dial one of these things in.


When it comes to LPs, that’s sort of ironing out the kinks that make vinyl so involving in the first place. “Back in the day” we used 2 speakers and sat in between them. With the right set up it could be nothing short of sublime.

The right pair of speakers, in the perfect location, inhabiting a spot-on acoustic environment, created what we called at the time “wall to wall and floor to ceiling”. The sound was something that’s been flat out lost with earbuds and MP3. Sound morphed into music.

Really, few people under 40 have ever experienced it. You could actually close your eyes and see a concert unfold in front of you. Instruments precisely located in 3d space. It was moving, involving, and sometimes just a bit freaky!

Technology keeps marching on. Think Indy and the boulder. We’re not talking about stopping that big rock, but maybe stepping out of its way once in a while. A brief journey to a far-off land, right in your favorite chair.

If you’re ready for a whole new experience, contact us now to discover how vinyl can revitalize your musical experience. We’ll take a look at your system and your space then give you the top options to bring the fun back.


Time for a Little Sizzle!

Hey, just in case the sunny days and warm temps were lost on you; summer’s here! Not a moment too soon, either. We were beginning to think it wasn’t in the cards this year. One thing about summer, it means grilling up some fun! Next time you’re ready to drop a hunk of Waygu on the Viking, these tips will make sure it’s better than ever.

1)     Let the meat warm up before you put it on the grill. Going straight from fridge to grill makes the outside overcook, and is a surefire way to reduce the Mmmm factor.

2)     One flip only, please. Cook your steak on one side, then flip it over to cook the other. Don’t keep flipping. If you know the time it takes to cook, you’re way ahead here. A 1” thick steak takes about 9 minutes per side to reach medium, which equates to about a 150 deg internal temp. 1-1/4” thickness ups that to 10 minutes.

3)     Season early. Put your seasoning on the steak before it reaches the grill. The flavor gets into the meat better that way and doesn’t get all over your grill.

4)     Speaking of seasoning, go lightly. Sure, those words have no place in a food article, but really, too many home grill chefs slather so much sauce and season on their steaks that it may as well be turkey. Who can tell?

5)     Be ready to serve before you remove the meat from the grill. Remember that the meat continues cooking even after you’ve rescued it from the fire. Plate and serve ASAP after removing it from the grill or you’ll risk overcooking.

Don’t forget, we’re always here to make technology easier, and life more fun for you. As we mentioned last time, we typically get a big outdoor entertainment rush right about now. We were right! Please contact us now before our schedule fills up.