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Analyze and mitigate all the causes of your network speed and reliability issues

Ever wonder why your WiFi network’s speed doesn’t seem to be as fast as advertised? The reasons are all over your house. Most cable and telephone company residential routers are only equipped to handle a small number of devices. Yet most households have many devices using your network, from smartphones to computers to televisions. More devices mean slower speeds. In addition, other appliances may be interfering with your WiFi network – from obvious culprits like your microwave oven to less obvious ones like your refrigerator.

Automated Living’s experts can analyze and mitigate all the causes of your network speed and reliability issues. This may include installing commercial-grade routing equipment that can handle all your devices and prevent unnecessary interference.

And for both home and commercial networks, we can tackle the most important networking issue of all – security. After all, a poorly secured network can leave your home or business vulnerable, like endangering your personal data (bank accounts, credit cards, etc.) or customer information. From ensuring the proper settings on your WiFi router to establishing guest networks, we can make your network as secure as possible from the constant threats that are part of today’s wired world.


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