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Smart shades and blinds that extend, retract, or tilt automatically to an outdoor garden, by Automated living
Automated Shades

Control your shades from anywhere

Control your shades from anywhere with quick access at just the level you need. Open or close all shades in a home, a single room, or a single shade using automated controls. Automated Living provides multiple options to make your shades easy to use. Simply use your mobile device, a touch screen remote, in-wall keypads and touchscreens, or your voice to set them to your comfort level. With both Wired and Wireless control options you have flexibility, no matter where you are in your home.

Having smart shades and blinds may be a luxury, yet it can also save you costs by saving energy. Remote-controlled blinds add to your home security as well. Forget to close your blinds before a trip or before you get into bed – take care of it with your mobile device.

Smart shades and blinds that extend, retract, or tilt automatically are indeed a luxury, but they’re also just plain useful. (And they can help save energy and boost home security, too.)

Create scenes with your shades

Match time of day, the position of the sun, or to suit your moods

Create scenes with your shade placement to match time of day, the position of the sun, or to suit your moods. Schedule them for energy efficiency or make your own “Movie Night Scene” that turns on the TV and speakers and closes the shades.

Choose from hundreds of designer fabrics and a wide range of light transmission levels.

Shades are custom built with a modern design aesthetic and meticulously crafted to exact detail. Shades integrate directly into your home system for full automation and control.

Indoor shades are an expression of your home’s aesthetic, adding beauty, comfort, and convenience to your lifestyle. Automated Living offers a broad range of motorized options to suit every shading situation.

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