You work hard to build and maintain a thriving business. Protecting that investment should be just as important.

You put everything you have into ensuring your business will grow and prosper long into the future. But all that effort can go to waste in an instant if you don’t address the security risks you face every day with one of Automated Living’s commercial security systems.

Ensuring your inventory and employees are safe is why you need commercial security services from Automated Living. We provide a full range of business security systems, including video surveillance, burglar alarms, mobile access, and fire and carbon monoxide detection, among others. We design, install, monitor and maintain commercial security systems for businesses of all sizes throughout the Louisville area, with service you can’t beat and competitive prices you can afford.

Let Automated Living customize the best business security system for your specialized needs.

Just as every business is unique, so are your security needs. Our first step is to visit your business for a comprehensive security risk assessment to help you build the solution that is right for your property. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all security systems. Automated Living customizes commercial security systems relevant to your specific business needs.

Do you need simple access controls so your teams can gain entry when needed, while also checking unauthorized access and unusual activity? Are you in need of defenses for shoplifting or internal theft? Or perhaps you are interested in simple commercial security camera systems. Regardless of your business or business security needs, we have the hardware and the knowhow to get the job done for you.

Wired or Wireless? Which Business Security System Will Work Best for You?

There are certainly pros and cons for both wired and wireless systems. But more than likely you’ll find some sort of hybrid of the two will best suit your needs. Wireless systems are more flexible and easy to install. They can be moved around effortlessly and have the advantage of going with you should you ever decide to move. Hard-wired systems are usually more secure and less susceptible to interference or hacking. But wireless systems often are technically more advanced. So the answer can be complicated. That’s why you need the collaborative expertise of Automated Living to design the truly best security system for your business needs. Wired? Wireless? The most important thing is that you let a respected licensed professional design, install and service the security system that protects you and your business.

Smile. Our commercial security camera systems allow you to keep watch from virtually anywhere.

Security camera and monitoring technology has come a long way and Automated Living makes it easy for you to have this power at your fingertips. We find the right business security camera systems for your facilities and recommend the best wired or wireless business security systems solution. We utilize the most well-known and respected brand names in the business, including DMP, Honeywell Total Connect, and 2Gig business security and control systems. And as an authorized service provider of we can give your business unparalleled access to your surveillance systems every moment of the day, all through your smartphone device.

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