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Have you ever considered creating your very own home movie theater, music room, or game room? You are not the only one. Automated Living is here to help with our Kinetics Noise Control sound panels. Reducing the amount of noise coming from a room has always been an important issue for homeowners, and sound panels serve as the perfect solution.

Although hard walls, wood flooring, cathedral ceilings, and other reflective surfaces may have beautiful aesthetic looks, they are also well known for causing excessive noise. Adding sound absorption panels before or after the construction of your room will drastically reduce any sound coming from within.

Better noise and sound control provide:

  • Privacy
  • Better Sound Quality within the Room
  • Peace
  • Better Quality of Life

When it comes to a home theater especially, there is no greater concern to a homeowner than sound leaking out and becoming a nuisance to the rest of the household. Sound is and will always be a constant presence in our lives and inside our homes. We are here to ensure your home is built with comfort in mind. Using Kinetics Noise Control sound panels, we create a calm environment; perfect for living comfortably. See the infographic below for more details on how sound (or acoustic) panels work:

Infographic detailing what acoustic panels are and how they work.
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