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If smart home automation is the future, then the future is now.

We’re living in an exciting age of rapidly evolving technology. So much so that you may not even realize how advanced the devices are that you already use in your everyday life. Smart phones, smart watches, smart thermostats, and voice assistants have become commonplace in America. So what is the next step to go from having a few smart home devices to actually building a fully automated smart home? The answer is interconnectivity. And the smart home pros you need to help bring it all together are the smart home experts at Automated Living.

What can a smart home do?

Smart home automation means your home’s smart devices are all interconnected to some type of smart home hub and communicated with through a central app. You can then control your surroundings from practically anywhere using wi-fi and your smart phone, tablet, smart watch, or through voice commands. Smart lights, smart locks and home security systems, climate control, and entertainment all can be automated to make your life easier. Imagine controlling your smart home security, smart home locks, smart home lighting, smart home thermostat and your smart home theater and smart speakers, all from a single smart home app. It’s not just possible, it’s easy to do when you are set up with a proper smart home manager.

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Why a do-it-yourself smart home may not be so smart.

Smart home tech and smart home gadgets are becoming less expensive and more available every day. But the key to building a practical smart home is not just buying the best smart home appliances and devices. Reliable smart home setup depends on interconnectivity between devices and incorporation of user-friendly interfaces. That type of smart home installation can be very complex and often requires special knowledge. Rather than ending up with a collection of un-synched appliances with unfulfilled potential and a drawer full of remote controls, you should trust a qualified smart home professional to help you make living the “smart home” life easier.

Let Automated Living show you how to make your home a smart home.

Automated Living has always been in the business of making lives easier. Now with the wealth of smart home accessories available we can provide smart home solutions that are even more convenient, efficient and affordable than ever. The first step in our process is to have a home walk-thru consultation to discuss your needs and smart home ideas. We’ll evaluate what smart home products you already own and advise what you will need to create the smart home you desire. The best smart home system for you is the one you can easily use and one that can grow with your evolving needs.

We simplify your life with a single app solution.

Smart home technology is innovation of the highest order. Our job is to simplify that in ways that make using it effortless and fun. We install the highest quality brands, such as Savant, the premier automation system on the market. Our equipment choices focus on the user experience, providing user-friendly interfaces that are easy to understand and activate. Now with the touch of a button, or even your voice, you can take control of all your connected devices and start experiencing the joys of automated living.

We keep your life simple with our Client Care program

Things can happen even after the best of equipment installations and ultimately some of your devices may fail. That’s why we offer Automated Living customers routine follow-up and peace of mind with our optional Client Care programs. To keep your equipment and software in peak working order throughout its lifespan we have three different tiers of maintenance service available. You can choose from Remote Monitoring, Monthly Checkups or our Ultimate Assurance programs.

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