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At Automated Living, our goal is not only to install the best system for your needs, but to ensure that it gives you the performance you desire for years to come. But no matter how expert the installation of your system, there are things that can go wrong. For instance, a simple software/firmware upgrade on a piece of equipment can cause it not to work with the rest of the system or can cause an error on the system. Or a neighbor changing wireless networks or adding a new wireless device could affect your own network.

That’s why customers throughout the Kentucky and Southern Indiana area have taken advantage of our Client Care program – a way to keep your equipment in optimum working order.

Three tiers of Client Care are available:

Tier 1 – Remote Monitoring

We will remotely monitor all devices connected to your system and alert you if any issues are detected.

Tier 2 – Monthly Checkups

We will visit your home or business monthly, checking every device that is connected to your system and making necessary adjustments – for example, updating firmware or security settings.

Tier 3 – Ultimate Assurance

With our Ultimate Assurance plan, you never have to worry about down time. We will not only visit your location monthly to check your system, we will also replace any equipment connected to your system that stops working properly. That’s right; any piece of equipment – whether it’s a speaker, a TV, a remote control or other device.

Accommodating. Small support issues treated the same as big expensive and new installations. My experience has been Customer Service is first with Mr. Jason and his staff. Automated Living, Highly recommended!
Alan Miller
We had a new system installed for our downstairs family room. This was far and away the best service and installation experience I have ever had with an audio/visual purchase. Work was done ON TIME. And it was done correctly. One piece of equipment was actually faulty and Jason was here that day to replace it. The price was reasonable. And for those of us who are electronically challenged, help was just a phone call away.
Stephen Smith

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