Today’s smart office space is more than just a workspace. It’s an effective contributor to successful business.

Offices and commercial businesses have always been places to find new technology at work. Now through commercial space automation those technologies can be integrated to make your business work faster, better, safer and smarter.

With the ever-increasing number of high-tech gadgets being utilized in the modern office building, the next “big thing” may be the Internet of Things, or IoT. Simply put, it’s a system of connecting all your devices so that they work together in the most efficient ways possible to save time and increase productivity. Not to mention, it’s just fun.

At Automated Living, we simplify the complex business of office automation.

Every office or commercial property has its share of advanced electronic systems. But if these systems don’t communicate with each other you are not utilizing the full potential of smart office technology. The experienced professionals at Automated Living can help you create the smart office space you desire with automated functioning and user-friendly interfaces. When the tasks are simple, time is saved and the workplace becomes more productive and efficient.

How can you make your office smarter?

There are countless ways to use automation to improve your work environment, all depending on the type of business you are in and what you would like to achieve.

Intelligent Lighting allows you to create just the right environment for your employees or customers. A smart system can adjust the lighting level to achieve desired effects; automatically dim, brighten or shut off at appointed times; sense occupancy; or be monitored and adjusted for energy savings.

Room Integration and Control is the smart way to streamline operations in a conference room or meeting hall. You can tie all your smart subsystems under one control and with the touch of a button, dim the lights; lower shades; turn on all audio and video monitors; and cue up any other equipment needed for your meeting room presentations.

Centralized Wireless Distribution gives businesses control and connectivity of multiple systems from a single location. For example, you can control the thermostat in any part of your workspace; lock and unlock doors; arm security systems; or direct video to monitors anywhere in your restaurant or sports bar. All that from a single user-friendly interface.

Multimedia Control makes it simple to access video and audio content from multiple sources, all from a simple touchscreen or keypad. In seconds your employees or customers can watch company videos, news or sports with one preset command and not need a dozen remote controls.

Building Energy and Security Monitoring can be enhanced with smart technology by linking surveillance cameras for wireless control and real time alerts. Smart utility management systems can monitor energy usage and automatically report and make adjustments to reduce energy consumption and save money.

Your first smart move is to contact Automated Living for an on-site consultation.

Every business is different and so are your needs. That’s why the best way to get started is to talk to an experienced professional to explore all the possibilities. Automated Living is one of the area’s leading providers of smart technology for offices, commercial retail, bars and restaurants and more. We install the highest quality brands, such as Savant, the premier automation system on the market. We work with you to integrate your existing systems and recommend any necessary upgrades. And we set you up for success with systems that are expandable as you grow.

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