Smart Garage Doors

Smart homes are becoming the new standard as 81% of people say that they would be more inclined to buy a home with smart technology already integrated.

However, if you want your home to be completely smart, then you can’t forget about things like your garage door.

Read below about how smart garage doors can elevate your home.

1. Easy to Install

If you want a home improvement project that doesn’t take much effort then you made the right choice with a smart garage door. That is because a professional at Automated Living can install it without changing your current garage door or most of its existing parts.

After getting the smart garage door installed, all you need is a WiFi connection and a smartphone to use your new gadget.

2. Additional Entrance

Whether you use your garage door to park your car or not, it offers you peace of mind to have another entry point. A smart garage door may be useful if you need to bring groceries inside during a storm to place all your bags undercover before you get inside.

If your front door is locked, you can always have the option of using your garage as the main entrance. Or use it as a mud room to keep your foyer clear of muddy shoes.

3. Parking Assistance and Object Sensors

Parking has never been easier in a smart home. If you don’t use your garage to park your car you might use it now because this technology guides your car in perfectly.

Plus, you never have to worry about running over the lawn mower or bumping into holiday decorations when your smart garage door informs you of objects in your way.

The ability to sense obstructions is also a safety feature. Over 30,000 people are injured by garage doors each year, which a smart garage can prevent.

4. Safety Lighting

Home automation improves the security of your house, including in your garage. Illuminate your driveway and the inside of your garage with a touch of a button. Or, automate your lighting to come on at a certain time of the day or when motion is detected.

Lighting options are also customizable to go with the style of your home or to be incorporated into your landscaping.

5. Open From Anywhere

Smart garages come to the rescue when your family is locked out of your home, but you are also away. Open your garage door from anywhere to let in your loved ones or to allow a neighbor to borrow your tools. Then close the door to secure it without having to come home.

Getting Started With Smart Garage Doors

Your home can’t be fully automated without the use of smart garage doors. They make your home more accessible and safer, plus they are a simple addition to your home.

Get started today by contacting Automated Living to find the right smart garage door and get it installed today.