• Savant Power Product Release Everything You Need to Know

    Savant Power Product Release: Everything You Need to Know A recently released report shows that electricity is the main source of energy; taking up 43% of energy use in the residential sector of the ...

  • 9 Ways Smart Lighting Can Enhance Your Home

    Your home is something special to you and your family and it should be treated as such. Lighting has proven to be very effective in changing how your house feels and looks. It can truly ...

  • Collage of different images relating to home automation. This includes a security camera, automated lights, and more.

    Benefits of Smart Home Automation (Infographic Included)

    6 Reasons Smart Home Automation Could Be for You Home automation is still relatively new but gaining momentum with homebuyers around the world. Your search for "home automation near me" will likely lead you to ...

  • Is there anything better than Google Nest?

    Since the introduction of Google Nest cameras, there has been a wide market for homeowners to purchase security cameras & systems; however, Nest is by no means the most effective system on the market. There ...

  • How To Go Green In Your Home With A Smart Home System

    The term "smart home" refers to a home equipped with a smart home system that automates specific tasks and is usually remotely controlled. With a smart home system, you will be able to program your ...

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