6 Reasons Smart Home Automation Could Be for You

Home automation is still relatively new but gaining momentum with homebuyers around the world. Your search for “home automation near me” will likely lead you to an automation service company close to your residence. If you’re still wondering what all the excitement is about, here are the six most important benefits of automating your house: 

1. Improved Security for Your Family

Your family members are the most important parts of your life, and you want to do anything you can to keep everyone safe inside  your home. Therefore, remote monitoring is one of the most valuable aspects of smart home automation. Use video surveillance to check inside your home, around the perimeter of your home, or remotely lock or unlock doors and windows, all from your phone wherever you happen to be.

2. Energy Efficiency and Lower Utility Bills

Some of the best home automation systems include remote monitoring of lights inside your home for safety or ambiance. No need to keep lights burning 24/7 when you’re away. With an automated lighting system, you can program a few lights at different hours to give the look that someone is inside…even if you are miles away. Remote monitoring combined with other smart home automation and LED lighting can work to help lower your monthly utility bills and make your home more energy efficient. Of course, while keeping your family safe.

3. Feel Secure While on Vacation or At Work

Being on vacation no longer puts the security of your home and pets at the mercy of a house sitter you might not know. Remote access lets you open the door for a few minutes to allow for someone to water plants, take in mail, or do whatever else they’re instructed to do during your absence. Utilizing remote access, delivery drivers can deposit packages inside by you opening a door or garage for them. Smart home automation with remote access accommodates those times when you worry you left the oven on and need a neighbor to run in and check for you. No need to give out emergency keys when you can lock and unlock doors from wherever you are. 

4. Take It Outside

Smart home automation isn’t exclusive to your house’s interior. You can extend your entertaining to the patio with outdoor lighting and speakers to work together with your weatherproof smart LED TV. Getting a little too sunny on the patio or deck? Some of the best systems include outdoor shades that lower when the temperature reaches a certain point, which you can program to your preferred settings. 

5. Light It Up

All it takes is a word or the touch of a button and you can light up a room or your whole house. You can illuminate your backyard or focus on a particular area of your garden for a special effect. Lighting is one of the areas of smart home automation that can be used for security and/or the overall look of your house. 

6. Convenience and Relaxation

The thought of knowing you that your home can practically run itself once you program it to your specifications leaves you breathing a sigh of relief. You can relax knowing that you’re protecting your family, saving energy, cutting monthly bills, and enjoying the many other conveniences that some of the best home automation systems provide. 

In brief, home automation makes your place of residence more secure, efficient, and enjoyable. Stress and worry relating to your home declines and enjoyment of your living space increases. See the infographic below for a visual summary of this post and the benefits of home automation:

Infographic displaying the benefits of home automation. The benefits are listed on the phone screen with a modern home depicted in the background.

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