Smart Home Light Switches

Your home is something special to you and your family and it should be treated as such. Lighting has proven to be very effective in changing how your house feels and looks. It can truly transform a space into a paradise of a home. Do you know about all the benefits of upgrading to smart lighting?

Smart lighting is one of the easiest ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency, and it can also make your space feel more alive and welcoming. Here are some best practices for smart lighting in your home:

  1. Make sure you have dimmable bulbs. This will allow you to reduce the amount of light shining into a room at any given time, which in turn helps conserve energy while still allowing you to see what you need to see.
  1. Use sensors on exterior lights so they turn off automatically when no one is around. This way, if you’re going out for an evening stroll or running errands around town at night, there is no chance of running up your electricity bill.
  1. Consider using motion sensors in hallways and staircases so that lights turn on as soon as someone enters the area, rather than having them go off whenever there’s no movement for a period of time (like when everyone has gone upstairs to bed). This is especially useful within households that have kids!
  1. Use dimmer switches for lamps or overhead fixtures so that you can get the perfect amount of light in any situation—from reading quietly on the couch after dinner to board game night with your family.
  1. Your bedroom can be an oasis of calm away from the hustle of your daily life. Smart lighting can enhance this tranquility that are seeking. It is perfect for creating a sanctuary inside your bedroom.
  1. The right smart lighting tools can enable you to precisely control the color and brightness of your bookshelf lighting; so that you can see your collection in a whole new light. With smart lighting, your bookshelves can become more than just bookshelves. They can transform the books into display pieces that captivate the attention of anyone entering the room.
  1. Taking your home office to the next level. You can upgrade your home office by designing your space to maximize light with something that enhances the room’s elegance but is also slightly unnoticeable. Start small with a single desk lamp and discover how such a minor change can make a big impact on your working environment. When you can adjust your desk’s lamp’s brightness and colors directly from your phone, you transform the lighting possibilities on your desk into the nonconformist’s secret weapon!
  1. A walk-in closet can make getting dressed a breeze. It lets you step into a world of possibilities by allowing you to step out of your living space and into your closet. By utlizing closet ideas that involve smart lighting, your everyday closet experience will improve drastically. For example, you can make motion-sensing lighting fixtures to illuminate your closet every time you step into the room. By using smart lighting, you can leave the darkness that hampers your performance during moments of dressing and avoid the inefficiency that accompanies the struggle you experience in the dark.
  1. Tap into your movie environment with smart lighting around your TV mantle. When you install smart lighting underneath your mantle (available in both wired and wireless methods), you can change the lighting without interrupting how you enjoy a movie night, during television, or while watching your favorite television show. Smart lighting lets you change the mood of the room with nothing more than a tap on your smartphone.

Smart Lighting can completely transform any space within your home. From accenting bookshelves to illuminating your fireplace mantle, there are smart lighting ideas that will inspire anyone. 

How can I make the lights in my house smart?

You cannot magically make your home smart or simply install a smart light; but, you can be strategic about installing smart lighting in your home. Automated Living uses the Savant lighting systems and dashboards for easy control for the homeowner. We can help you through this process step by step to help you create the smart home of your dreams. 

The way we light our homes has changed dramatically over the past few decades. In fact, it’s one of the most exciting areas of innovation in home décor.

Smart lighting is a great example of how lighting can make your home feel like a place you want to live and work. Smart lights are affordable, a blast to use, and allow you to control them from anywhere, so you can set the mood just the way you want it. Let Automated Living help you create an at-home paradise through smart lighting.