Savant Power Product Release: Everything You Need to Know

A recently released report shows that electricity is the main source of energy; taking up 43% of energy use in the residential sector of the U.S. This makes it one of the most widely consumed sources of energy in the country. Energy costs have also been predicted to rise in the upcoming years according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. How are you planning to tackle this?

Savant Power has found a solution for your household.

The Savant Power system changes the way people now power their homes. Taking advantage of these energy-saving products can help you reduce your power usage efficiently. Want to know more?


Who Is Savant Power?

Savant Power is one of the most unique options for power systems that Automated Living uses to push our homes to the next level. Here’s how we can help you reduce your energy costs:

● Complete control of power usage

● Smart electrical panels

● Back-up power systems

When you choose us, you’re making use of home power products that make your whole life simpler.

Let’s take a look at how we can make your home smart.


Savant Power System: Newest Products and Features

Our newest products that will save you energy and money:

● The Savant Power Module

● The Savant Power App


Savant Power Module

Our electrical panels make the power of your home adaptable, convenient, and timely.

With conventional electrical power, your property wastes power every day. Every home will receive the advantages of smart electricity thanks to the scalability of Savant Power Systems. You can choose to only monitor a few key, power-hungry circuits or to monitor every circuit in the house.

Disparate energy systems can make it difficult to manage resources and impossible to keep track of utilization. You can combine everything, including Electrical Vehicle Charging (EV Charging) capabilities, with a Savant Power System.

The Savant Level 2 EV Charger, when linked to a Savant Power Module, enables you to plan charging. This tool can help avoid peak utility rates and control the power usage by automatically stopping charging and waiting until cheaper rates later in the day.


Savant Power App

You can access your Personalized Power Dashboard through the Savant App. Here, you can keep up to speed with your current energy usage and stay in touch with your power trends.

Charge your battery and keep in touch with weather updates for when the storms are coming, as they can affect the function of your power systems.

Stay updated with your top your consumers that impact your energy use, such as your:

● Dryer

● Water heater

● Refrigerator

● Dishwater

● Heater

You can check the status of other energy-consuming appliances in your home too!


Choose Us for Your Energy Savings Today

Savant Power is an energy solution for all your home’s power-saving needs. Our products enable you to improve your power output at the touch of a finger! In addition, our Savant Power Module removes limitations so you can send energy anywhere in your home when it is needed.

It’s time to get smart with your power systems today. Contact us to purchase our products and download our app. You’ll never look back!