Security Systems

Security Systems that are

Simple to use – yet robust

Whether you are protecting your family, home, business, or yacht your security system should be simple to use – yet robust. Each customer and structure is different. Therefore, here at Automated Living, we work closely with our customers to ensure their system fulfills all of their needs and desires.

Today’s security systems are no longer a simple keypad with a few sensors. In fact, all of the systems we install for our valued customers are technically advanced and offer a variety of services and features, such as automatic locking doors and thermostat and lighting control. We also offer Honeywell’s Total Connect System, which enables our customers to have access to their system from anywhere with the use of their mobile devices.

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Your surveillance system should also be simple to use and robust, especially if you use it for more than just basic security. To ensure your surveillance system is just that, we offer a variety of advanced cameras and recording devices. Because of their ease of use, many of our customers use surveillance systems to check in on their family while they are away from home, play back false injury reports, or even monitor their children while at daycare. All of our surveillance systems can be accessed remotely via a mobile device.

Monitoring is a key component of any security and surveillance system. Monitoring will not only allow customers to receive trouble reports in the event of a breach or fire, but also provide remote access to the alarm and surveillance systems. At Automated Living we offer several monitoring packages to meet your particular needs.

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