Thinking about buying a home theater system, but you are unsure which home system suits your needs, Automated Living can work with you to create a custom solution perfect for your space. For electronics enthusiasts, there is a lot to play with here. Some of the best modern home entertainment systems are designed to deliver superior experiences across the entertainment threshold, with different products and manufacturers offering unique types of home entertainment arrangements, various configurations and ways of connecting your system to other external devices.

Taking party hosting to another level

Trends in home entertainment

Given the lightning speed by which technology innovates, it can be challenging to know what is trending and why? Here are a few of the major trends shaping home theater system design today:
Multi-use entertainment: As home, entertainment becomes increasingly multifaceted, so must room design. Open space is precious whether it provides ample, open floor space for working out or enjoying interactive gaming or simply to enjoy listening to music. Companies like Sonos can provide definitive wireless home sound systems that deliver a whole-house WiFi network that fills every room in a connected home with brilliant sound.

Whole-home entertainment systems: Coinciding with the movement towards more multipurpose entertainment space is the growing popularity of lounge-style seating. Today it is more stylish to complement home theater seating with large plush couches and sectionals; the perfect marriage of form and function evoking a sense of comfort and relaxation. A home theater system needs to reflect both the user’s taste and style as well as the room(s) it occupies. Companies like Savant deliver a seamless and personalized automation experience for home entertainment through system integrations.

Larger screens and LED walls: As technology continues to evolve, so does the form and function of a home theater. Screens keep getting bigger and projectors increasingly brighter. Total immersion and engagement of the design are significant trends today, with big screens leading the charge. Along with extra-large screen proportions is the application of screen materials to ensure vivid imagery. And ambient light rejection screens are great for multipurpose home theaters, as the image retains its clarity in all viewing situations; the lights can stay on while hosting a Derby party or entirely off during a movie, and the image is always crisp and clear.

LED video wall technology provides a new, exciting alternative to the projector-screen format. Video walls fit a more dynamic home theater environment enabling viewing multiple sources at one time. Like Sony developing 360 reality audio elegance, these systems will take home entertainment to the next level of absolute gratification.

Modern acoustical enhancements: authentic, 3D audio in-home theater systems leverage technologies like Dolby Atmos. Optimizing audio quality by applying acoustical paneling and other types of treatments requires a trained professional. The acoustic treatments can be hidden in individually fashioned spaces and concealed behind the acoustically transparent fabric. Companies like Focal, a global leader in high-fidelity solutions, provide stereo speaker systems, surround-sound speakers, and speaker-arrays; this normally involves the virtual placement of sources anywhere in three-dimensional space, including behind or below the listener.

Family-friendly home theater systems: today’s home theater designs reflect an environment both inside and out that accommodates everyone’s interests. From providing a party atmosphere to enhancing a relaxing sunset, the right home entertainment system makes every experience that much more remarkable. Companies like SunBrite provide weatherproof speakers and television soundbars for permanent outdoor installation.

Home Entertainment Systems

There are four essential elements of any proper home theater setup:

TV: HDTV, 4K TV, OLED TV, etc.
Video/Audio/Streaming devices/Gaming Consoles: Set-top boxes, Roku, Google Chromecast devices, Amazon Fire, Apple TV 4K
AV Receiver/Base/Console:
Speakers: Satellites (min. 5) and Sub-woofer(s)

Custom Home Theater Systems: these are home theater systems that the users design. Each component is purchase separately, including:
A/V receiver

The user decides what kind of configuration they want. You can buy five speakers and one sub-woofer but leave the space for further upgrade to 7, 9, or more speakers (it’s best to get advice when selecting the receiver). Below are some variables to the kind of system Automated Living can create for you:
Speaker receiver compatible,
Speakers’ impedance and amplification,
Amplifiers required,
Supported surround sound formats, and
Amount of receiver input and output ports

Automated Living

Automated Living works with quality brands and employs an expert team to meet your network needs. It offers amenities for both residential and commercial properties.

Residential services include:

  • High-speed networking
  • Automated light control
  • Structured wiring
  • Home Security
  • Smart Home Integration

Commercial services include:

  • Audio/Video capabilities
  • Property automation
  • Digital signage
  • Smart Office Integration
  • Commercial Security Systems

If you’re looking for quality electronics, automation and integration services with a company that cares about its customers, contact Automated Living and get a free quote.