Dateline: Jan 9th, 2007!

The Date That Changed How We Live Now

Your Crazy Life

Jan 9th, 2007. Some days are just made to stand apart. Although that January day may not be remembered as an iconic day by most people, the fact is that it probably went on to revolutionize more lives than nearly any other in recent memory. How we live now was largely redefined by that day. Much of how you interact with other people and things began to change forever back in early 2007.

What happened then? Did the real estate bubble burst or we discover alien life had landed? Not quite, although the second one may have been closer. On that day, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone, and we began our inexorable march to today’s app-based life.

Much of our daily interactions are via smartphone and tablet apps, although the iPhone is no longer the only app game in town. So, just what can one do with these little fistfuls of fury? What, indeed! Beyond just reaching out and touching someone, you can:

  • Create luscious movies and music
  • Schedule every aspect of your life
  • Let everyone one of your 1,196 friends know about your son’s dominating basketball performance, your cat’s Insane Clown Posse act, or that the pasta down at the Italian Chinese Noodle House is sooo overpriced for what you get…. Complete with a video, of course!
  • Track your fantasy football stats and roster moves
  • Most importantly for the purposes of this discussion, control and monitor nearly everything in your home and business.


From this paragon of power that never leaves your side, you’re able to easily:

  • Lock or unlock your doors… or see who else did, and when.
  • Play and control your favorite music throughout your home.
  • See if that quickly moving dude in the back yard is Isaac, the pool guy, or someone else who maybe shouldn’t be quite so familiar with your property’s layout… and then ask him to please put in that new filter, or kindly get the heck outta’ there!
  • Change your home’s lighting so that it’s just right for any occasion.
  • Open or close your gate
  • Start, stop and adjust your spa and pool.
  • Raise and lower your window shades…

And basically about anything you could want. It’s limited by our collaborative imaginations. Really, between the both of us, we can come up with some pretty spectacular lifestyle enhancements.

Keep in mind that all of this stuff you can do with a simple smart phone app, you can also make happen automatically, to perfectly suit your lifestyle.

People Love All-In-One

One thing that may people like is combining many functions into a single app. That way you’re able to see and control many different systems from one simple interface.

For example, rather than changing apps to control music, lighting, security alarm, window shades, door locks, cameras, gates, and so on, we can roll some or all of it into one. It’s one of the most popular requests we get.

Tying everything together can also make things easier for you in your busy, daily life.

Here’s a Biggie:

You leave, and set your alarm system to the “away mode”. Your house knows you’re leaving, so your lights go to your away scene, all your media and TVs turn off. You can even have your window blinds close to gain extra privacy and keep the sun from heating things up and fading your carpets and furniture.

Give us a shout and we’ll help you discover the many ways you can make things happen in and around your home… It’s Like Magic!

Remember, our passion is making life easier and more fun for you! There are so many ways to do that now, it can get a little confusing. We’ll help you sort it all out. We love this stuff!

Drop us a line and let’s chat.
.. and of course, Happy Thanksgiving!

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