Technology to The Rescue Again!

Tech hath wrought so many miracles. They’ve improved our lives in so many ways. What are you reading this on now? A sleek laptop, or maybe a smart phone that can do everything from tell you tomorrow’s weather in Singapore or show your kid’s latest baseball videos in pristine HD…

In any case, tech has improved our lives in so many ways. Unfortunately, it can sometimes leave us all in its wake at times. Of course, when it does, it often provides an answer too! Don’t fret! Here are some ways we can help you enjoy today’s latest advantages, even if you still have yesteryear’s.

Video Like Looking Out the Window, But Better, Even If We Can’t Rewire

One tech area that sees constant improvement is definitely video. Have you looked lately at what used to pass for a nice image? Hmmm… The new 4K HDR imagery is, by all accounts, a revelation, especially on a large screen.

The problem for those with older systems is it takes compatible HDMI cables to work, and many older HDMI cables aren’t compatible with the newest video standards. That means simply replacing your old TV or projector with one of the new whiz-bang units isn’t enough. The cables must be upgraded too.

The older cables to your projector or TV just won’t work. In some cases we can just run a new cable for you, but in others we may have to get more creative. There are special devices that let us use other cabling that may already be in place to send the latest video signals. That means you can get all the splendor of 4K UHD, even if we can’t run the latest HDMI cables.


Finally Change Fuzzy, Old Analog Security Cameras to Crystal Clear HD Using Your Existing Wiring

Here’s razor sharp video on a smaller screen, albeit for a less enjoyable purpose. Tired of trying to figure out if that figure lurking about is Uncle Harold, the landscaper, or that sketchy dude you saw on America’s Most Wanted last night? There’s hope!

Even with the old, original wiring, chances are great we can use it for new HD cameras. You won’t believe what you’ve been missing. It’s like lifting a veil that’s been covering your cameras for all these years.

If you’re tired of seeing shadowy images on your security cameras, and would like to actually be able to tell WHO you’re looking at, you’ll love this upgrade! This is one where you’ll be probably able to use the wire, but the cameras are from a bygone era, so they hit the trash.

The best news is even some of the latest surveillance tech, such as 5 mega pixel cameras (Means you can zoom an image in your mobile app and see details you never could before) and starlight (Much better in low light, see below) can all be had with these cameras too.


Starlight, Starbright

It’s no secret that the latest security cameras light up the night, so you can see, even when the perp thinks he’s hiding in the shadows. Pretty cool, huh? However, there has been a limitation for all but the highest end cameras used by government agencies (“The Agency”?) and casinos. They often must switch to black and white “night mode” to do so, and have limited range when in night viewing mode.

Once again, it’s technology to the rescue. With the latest starlight cameras you’ll be able to see a much larger area at night, and in color, too! No more guessing what color jacket the loser was wearing as he got into the gray car. Using the same kind of light amplification tech once reserved for special ops forces, you’ll be able to get some color in your night time images, while you gaze upon your whole kingdom, not just what’s in the night illuminator range.

Is it just like day time viewing? No, but it is a significant step up, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg, either. Just because it’s based on government tech, doesn’t mean it’s a $500 toilet seat!

This Just In: High Res Audio Interest Surging

Finally, it’s not just your eyes that get to enjoy all the tech treats. A recent report by the Recording Industries Assoc of America (RIAA) reveals that major label interest in high resolution audio for streaming and download is soaring. It’s not just a “niche thing” anymore.

This may seem surprising for a generation raised on earbuds and sonically trampled MP3 music. It proves however that people can still hear and know great sounding music when they hear it, even if they haven’t heard it before.

It also means that the RIAA has finally recognized the rising demand for high quality recordings and is ready to step up and provide them. In an era when recording quality eclipses anything even imagined a few decades ago, it’s nice to see people can start to enjoy them.

It doesn’t take much, either. Just a set of willing ears and a few things to get the music to them. You’ll need a high-res audio capable streamer/player. You may already own one, and if you don’t, they’re not bank breakers. You’ll also need some decent speakers or headphones that can let the goodness come through. Again, you may have them now.

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