Enjoying the Sun and Stars More Than Ever

Well first, we hope your bracket is still going strong. It’s been a heck of a winter, and we are all itching to get outside again… after “The Madness” of course.

Thinking about your backyard, the deck, maybe the pool, and tossing in some technology just off the family room? Typically that’s a modest lift financially, but has explosive rewards in a family’s lifestyle, comradery, and alleviates anxiety better than one of those cold beverages you’ll be enjoying out there.

Enjoyment is the name of the game, whether it’s just you, a cool breeze and your iPAD; a ballgame and BBQ on the terrace after work; or a pool party on the weekend. Every year we’re amazed by how many more ways people find to enjoy their outdoor spaces. More often than not, music and media is a part of all the fun. Here some great ideas and things to watch out for in your outdoor entertainment space this year.

The New Foundation of Entertainment and Control

Before the mercury rises much further there are some things you should know to get ready. First, a solid home network and great WiFi coverage is more essential than ever. As we transition to an app and streaming media society, we depend on staying connected for convenient control and media enjoyment.

Holy is perfect for church, but you don’t want holes in your network. That means music and video dropouts, or missing the app download you were counting on. Ouch! It’s not just apps or streaming, either.

Since we use network devices (Think Alexa, Google Home, Ring doorbell, and most wall-mounted touch screens) to make things happen, network glitches put a real damper on instant action. For example, you ask for or press a button for a lighting scene, and there’s pause………… pause……… pause……. THERE we go, before anything happens. It’s maddening, to say the least.

All that just adds to the problems poor network connectivity causes for your game playing family members. Lagging, buffering, and other “ing”s combine to deliver a pretty un-enjoyable gaming experience….. especially for those unhappy enough to be within earshot of the inevitable “UUUgggghhh!! It’s lagging again!”

Fortunately, being outside doesn’t have to keep you from great connectivity and blindingly fast WiFi. Streaming HD videos to your tablet by the pool or putting green? Covered! How about changing the playlist, or turning on the deck ceiling fans? It happens Right Now! A great network is now the foundation of your entertainment and control.

New, Fun, and Different Outdoors

What’s new, fun, and different that’ll make your outdoor home entertainment more entertaining than ever this year? Well, that encompasses quite a lot, but here goes….

Tiny and Big

Years ago there was a trend in home audio speakers toward subwoofers and satellites. No, not the kind of satellites zooming overhead, but small speakers that can be placed unobtrusively but deliver spectacular sound, except for one thing; they have no bass. No bass? Well, that doesn’t sound good, does it? But wait, there’s more…

Here’s why it all works. Those little speakers can’t really have bass, they’re too small, so another speaker has to be used to fill in the low frequency gap and make your music sound full and realistic. They’re called subwoofers and they work wonders. Fortunately the subwoofers used to make those luscious lows are smaller than ever and can be placed where they don’t impact your décor. So far, so good!

This has been so successful indoors that the same concept is now available for your outdoor music. Instead of having a couple of big speakers that sound great, but are either too loud when you’re up close or too quiet when you venture father away, small speakers are discretely located throughout your landscaping. That delivers fantastic music everywhere you go, without blasting you when you’re close and vanishing from afar.

If you venture off your deck or terrace, or entertain in your outdoor spaces, this kind of outdoor speaker system is just the ticket. We’d be happy to survey your outdoor spaces and see exactly what would work best for you.

See No Evil

Sports fans, if you’ve never enjoyed a game outside without having to trek downtown, fight parking or transit crowds and “enjoy” $13 beers to wash down $15 burgers…… Recently, architects say video has become one of the major trends to enhancing outdoor living spaces.

You get the same cool breeze, but leave your car in your own garage, sip beverages from your own bar, and have your own clean restroom. It’s like a luxury box without the travel.

Outdoor TVs no longer command a king’s ransom, and they can be had with the kind of hugeness and video quality your favorite teams deserve. They’re weatherproof so you can leave them outside year ‘round. Yep, it’s better in nearly every way, and is also a great place to enjoy a romantic movie night with your significant other.

Concerts in Style

If you’re ready for the next dimension in outdoor entertainment, well, here goes. Holodeck-sized screens for outdoor movies, concert recordings or sports are now a reality. Turn your yard or terrace into an entertainment venue rivaling professional spaces.

Hundreds of concerts are now available on Blu-Ray, and putting your own on outside for family and friends makes for an unbelievable evening. Just don’t charge admission! The sound is breathtaking and the HD video is like you’re in the front row. The options here are truly mind-boggling but we can help you find the perfect one to match your entertainment dreams and space.

Contact us; lets discuss how to make your outdoor environment the perfect place to spend time this summer, and beyond.

Remember, our passion is making life easier and more fun for you! There are so many ways to do that now, it can get a little confusing. We’ll help you sort it all out. We love this stuff!

Drop us a line and let’s chat.

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