It’s hot! To quote Matthew Broderick in Biloxi Blues, it’s been “Africa Hot” much of the summer. Thankfully, as the earth’s preeminent species, we’ve developed a cure for it: air conditioning. This winter, it’ll get cold, or at least colder. Yep, we’ve got that one covered too: heat! But wait, you already have both.

What’s the big deal?

As with so many things in the Internet age, it’s what you can do when you’re not at home that makes the difference. There’s also another huge ingredient in the secret sauce that can significantly lower your energy bills and make life all around more comfortable: motorized window treatments.

Working together, smart HVAC systems and motorized shades take comfort to a whole new level, and chip away at your monthly contribution to the power company’s bottom line, while adding to yours. As the icing on the cake, managing energy usage with smart HVAC and motorized window treatments is environmentally friendly and makes you a good citizen of the Earth. What could be better?


If you have a second home, automating HVAC and shading systems ensures the home is comfortable when you’re there, keeps energy bills low when you’re not. If it’s a mountain home, it protects against another big danger; frozen pipes. You can keep track of it all, and even have automated alerts to clue you in on what’s happening. It’s super easy, from your smart phone, tablet, or computer, anywhere in the world with an Internet or cellular data connection.

Although frozen pipes may be the furthest thing from your mind when you’re preoccupied with where to get another cold drink, one big freeze can spell disaster if a water pipe bursts due to a freeze. Being able to remotely monitor temperature and step in to prevent problems is key. In cold climes, you’re but a furnace problem away from disaster, especially if no one’s there to handle things.

Remote monitoring and control lets you look in on your home here, too. Did little Jane crank up the AC, then forget to set it back to normal again? Maybe Johnny Jr feels like 78 is the perfect temp. Either way, it’s costing you money and delivering an unwelcome surprise when you return home in the evening.

Even with modern Low-E glass, large windows can fight your HVAC system tooth and nail in summer months by letting solar energy march right in and heat your home. Sure, your AC can overcome this, but must work that much harder to do so.

Stop Pullin’ My Chain!

Automating things so that the shades come down automatically when the sun is out, the AC is on, and you’re gone takes quite a load off your HVAC system. It makes your AC more efficient and last longer. Being able to bring down all the shades in a room or area with a single button press is nice too.

No more going to each one, and raising or lowering them by pulling a chain or string. Ever tire of raising and lowering the shades on those 15’ tall windows? Just use one finger!

Fade Away

Looking at the sun faded squares and rectangles on your floor when you decide to rearrange things can be a real revelation. It’s amazing how the sun’s power comes right in and fades your furniture, carpets, and even hardwood floors. It’s a slow process, but so was carving the Grand Canyon. Small forces can make big changes, even if it takes a while. Blocking them out is a powerful solution to the problem.

Keeping the View

Although dropping shades in front of the windows to protect against fading is very effective, you needn’t sacrifice all your view. Shading systems are available in a variety of fabrics. Many let in some light and allow you to see out, while still filtering enough of the sun’s rays to keep things safe.

All Together Now…

Modern technology has it all covered. Not only can you monitor and control things remotely, but they can all work together to make life more comfortable for you, without you lifting a finger. You can lift a finger to contact us now though, and we’ll discuss your options for remote monitoring and control.

Football’s Finally Here 

(A day early, but not a minute too soon)


First, a big “Congrats!” to the US Olympic team and all our athletes, trainers and staff that worked so hard to make their Rio Olympics journey such an overwhelming success. The U.S. tallied 119 medals, and led the world, but did you know that an identical number of countries, 119, earned no medals at all for their Olympic troubles?

We saw some performance that will likely never be repeated. Usain Bolt (I know he didn’t compete for the US) getting the triple-triple in sprint golds, and Michael Phelps putting it all together one more time to up his gold medal total to 23.