Computer networking, be it for your home or business can be complicated and can go from running a great entertainment system or not receiving emails. There are several scenarios that can cause your network to run slow and your WIFI to drop out. Here at Automated Living when designing a network we look at all demands and needs that our customer request as well as what could possibly interfere with the network. We also pay close attention to securing the network to ensure your private information stays private.

Interference can come from several areas such as the length of cable runs, wires run by high voltage wires and improper cable connections just to name a few. When we build our customers networks we take all things into consideration and are sure to provide the customer with the correct components, wiring and configuration.

WIFI is even more sensitive to computer networks as it can be easily hacked, drop communication and deliver poor speeds. Devices such as microwaves, cordless phones and neighboring networks can cause several issues. When setting up your network we test for all WIFI interference and determine the best settings for the network and what devices need to be addressed that could be interfering with the WIFI signal. The picture above is an example of a largely flooded WIFI network that if not configured properly will not perform well if at all.

It is not only important for businesses to consider their network but residence as well. Residential homes no longer have one or two computers in their home. Nowadays residential networks have multiple computers, tablets, phones, TV’s, Blu-ray players, music servers, automation systems and much more. Your standard router from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will not properly handle the traffic and insure all devices can operate when they need to. At Automated Living we are sure to design a network that will allow Netflix to be playing on a TV, music streaming on the outdoor speakers, the business person of the house can check emails and the automation system can control all automated devices without interference to any of the services

Ensuring you are working with a quality company to setup your network is important and should not be taken lightly. Make sure you are asking the correct questions when talking to your networking company. If you are not sure the correct questions to ask, Automated Living is here to help and make sure your network is setup correctly.