Wall mounting a TV can be a scary project if you are not sure how it is done. If not mounted properly with the proper equipment you risk damaging the TV, you home/business and possibly someone. At Automated Living we use quality mounting hardware, quality cables to give you the best available picture quality and ensure the TV is secured not to come down. Outside of just mounting the TV if you want your wires hidden you will have to drill into the wall or brick/stone, climb into the attic or get into a craw space and fish wiring. Not knowing how to do this could also cause major structure damage to your home or business and an attic can cause a person to get hurt very easily. You will also need to think of things like how with the sound be distributed from the TV, do I want to connect internet to the TV, do I want to display my phone/tablet or computer on the screen and how will I control components that are connected to the TV if they are not in plan site. We can help with all of these question. Contact us here at Automated Living LLC today to discuss your TV installation for your home or business.