Automated Living is the premier provider of custom media rooms and custom home theaters in Louisville, Ky and the surrounding region.

Home theaters give you the “cinema experience” in the comfort of your own home. Your Home Theater can be equipped with high quality projectors, superior speakers, special screens, luxurious seating, and acoustical treatments. You may want to simplify your home theater by adding an automated system with touch screens, lighting control, motorized screens, and automatic shades.

Media rooms offer a different entertainment ambiance and are not exclusively dedicated to the “cinema experience.” Instead, media rooms are open area rooms with a superb flat panel TV or projector/screen combination, which serves as the entertainment centerpiece. In addition, media rooms are often equipped with superior speakers, luxurious seating, and automation systems, which can truly enhance an evening entertaining guests or movie night with the family.

We work closely with our customers to ensure that all factors such as ambient lighting, size, viewing angles, seating, and preferences are taken into consideration in order to ensure complete satisfaction with their Media Room or Custom Home Theaters in Louisville, Ky. Call us today or schedule an appointment to bring the movies home.