Types of Speakers

Lend Us Your Ear…

We live in a wonderful world. Entertainment has never been more accessible. Listening to your favorite music is just a finger touch away, but… What if you want to enjoy high impact music, but the idea of having giant tower speakers in your space, or box speakers hung off your eaves outside doesn’t really resonate?

Yeah, they do sound great, but looks? Well, not so much! Don’t worry, we have you covered!

Not the Same Old, Same Old…

You’ve probably seen in-ceiling or in-wall speakers. After all, people have been using them in finer homes for decades now. We’ve installed thousands, but sometimes even a fairly unobtrusive speaker grill clashes with your finely-tuned aesthetic.

Your designer will back us up on this. Fortunately, there are some other options to get unbelievably great sounding music. (even if you’re not an audiophile… you’ll still appreciate it more than you know)

1) Small Aperture Speakers – These are small to the eyes, but HUGE to the ears! Their secret is in the way they hide the bass drivers behind the ceiling, only showing the higher frequency units through a small, round or square hole that perfectly matches many designer lighting fixtures. You won’t believe the realism, and your guests will wonder where the heck that music is coming from!

2) “Invisible” Speakers – Yep, you can’t see ‘em at all. Well, actually you can, but they look exactly like your wall, so you never know you’re looking at a speaker. It’s pretty awe-inspiring to hear fine music, but see nothing at all!

These have been around for quite a while now, but you’ve probably never seen them before… sorry, couldn’t resist. As with most things tech, they’ve progressed leaps and bounds. You’re probably not surfing the net on your Apple IIe, or doing that spreadsheet on an old 486 PC, and that’s about how long invisible speakers have had to cook, too. They’ve made similar strides.

3) Disguised Speakers – They can look like a planter, sculpture, rock, or myriad other things. We’ve used different kinds of these both indoors and out for years to hide the speakers, but deliver the music.

4) Distributed Mini-Satellite / Subwoofer Outdoor Speaker Systems – Outdoor spaces present special challenges. First, there are no walls, so the sound just escapes. Okay, so we hide some powerful subwoofers in the ground that blend in with your landscape; problem solved!

Next, many yards are large, irregular spaces that are some distance from your home, so people are often a ways away from traditional speakers hung off the eaves. Leaving aside the obvious fact that those speakers bolted to your home can be somewhat of an eyesore, the other problem is that they’re bolted onto your house.

That’s fine for them, but you’re not! You’re moving around your yard, and would probably like your music there too, especially when you’re entertaining. Once again, tech to the rescue. We use very small, but highly effective speakers specially placed throughout your yard to evenly bring the music to you.

They’re very small, so we can hide them in your landscape and they’re nearly invisible. Being small, they need a shot of bass, but that’s where the aforementioned in-ground subwoofers come to the rescue. Plenty of bass, no wasting space…

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Remember, our passion is making life easier and more fun for you! There are so many ways to do that now, it can get a little confusing. We’ll help you sort it all out. We love this stuff!

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