Spring Has Arrived In Louisville we’re Finally Back Outside Again.

New Ways to Enjoy Your Outdoor Spaces!
Contrary to what some reports indicated recently, the sun rose again this morning. Even better now is that it rose earlier than yesterday, and you know what that means… Summer’s coming! We’ll be blessed with longer days, and more time outside in the yard, on the deck, and around the pool.
Fortunately, that outdoor time can include all the favorite media you love, and you won’t need to jack in some of those infernal earbuds to do it. Besides, music and sports are meant to be enjoyed with family and friends, together. Although people now text (or Snap, depending on their age), instead of talking, yanking those silly-looking dongles from their ears, and throwing on some music everyone can enjoy together really livens things up.

As for sports, gathering outside to enjoy today’s freshly grilled offering while the team’s trying to grind out a win is one of the best ways to cap off a summertime day. Fortunately, summer encompasses plenty of sports watching opportunity: NBA playoffs, Baseball, and the football build up. Let’s get it on!

Like puppies and small children, outdoor media doesn’t stand still. There are some innovative ways to bring your favorite media into outdoor spaces, whether that’s a deck, yard, or outdoor living space (speaking of growing trends).

One thing about the outdoors, it’s wide open. While that’s a big plus for roping and ranching, it can make your music sound, well, a little thin. That’s because inside a room, the low frequencies (bass) are contained, outside they escape. There are just many more air molecules to energize, and the relatively small speakers typically used for outdoor audio just aren’t up to the task.

What About Just Using Bigger Speakers?

While that is an option, typically big disco monitors from the club just don’t mix well with your décor or landscape architecture. There’s no getting around the laws of physics though, making realistic impactful bass outdoors requires big air movement, and you can’t cheat the laws of physics. Big air movement may mean big air movers, but who’s to say we must see them?

In a page ripped from the home theater, outdoor audio has come around to the advantages of subwoofer/satellite speaker systems. Relatively small and unobtrusive speakers make most of the music. The advantage is that, hey, they’re small and unobtrusive. That also means you can place them where they deliver the most consistent sound throughout your space, without intruding on it.

The Bass?

Didn’t we just say that realistic bass meant’ moving big air, and that needed bigger boxes? Yes, you read that right. Fortunately, speaker manufacturers are people too, and like to enjoy fantastic music outside without looking at it. That’s lead to the latest trend on outdoor speaker design, hidden subwoofers.

The most common application is taking advantage of that which you have in abundance outside, the ground. There is a whole new generation of subwoofers designed to be buried underground. Well, not completely, of course; the bass goes up through a tube to an exposed vent protruding from the ground. It’s about the size of a big mushroom. That’s basically what it resembles, too.

It’s a revelation. You never know outdoor audio could be so involving! You’ll have them dancing in the streets…. Or the yard.

What about having music like that on the deck? We have some terrific options for you there too, but we’d better take a look at your deck first…. Contact us now and we’ll come check it out, or discuss how you can have your garden, yard, or putting green really hoppin’…..

Outdoor Viewing Gets Smaller

Yes, there’s always outdoor video. Sports just isn’t the same without it! The latest generation of outdoor TVs finally look nothing like those bulky behemoths from a few years ago. Sure, those outdoor sets were flat screens…. Kind of. The latest weatherproof outdoor TVs have adopted the svelte appearance as indoor TVs, and deliver a bright, engaging picture as you hose them down.

Actual, designed-for-the-outdoors TVs open up so many placement options, and you needn’t worry about the weather or the hassle of moving your TV to a safer location when it threatens.

· Right next to the spa? Yeah, that’s relaxing!
· On that uncovered end of your deck? Of course!
· Maybe on the side of the pool house, or the back side of the garage to create an outdoor theater… it all works great, and gives you new opportunity to enjoy your outdoor space this summer.
The point is, technology’s here now to help you and your family get so much more use and enjoyment from your outdoors. Oh, and while you’re out there, you’ll probably want your WiFi, too. Boy does it work great out there!

Contact us now about doing a site survey so see how the latest outdoor WiFI developments fit for you.