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A Clear Breakthrough
Ah, technology. You’ve gotta love it! So many changes, and usually for the better. Unfortunately, that usually means throwing everything out and starting over if you want to take advantage of it. Never has that been more clear than with video (no pun intended). Somewhere, in a fluorescent washed lab, engineers toiled over the latest breakthrough, and called it HD. It was crystal clear, sho nuf, but required basically all new infrastructure to enjoy.
A Clear Breakthrough, But Just How Serious Is It?
Inside the home that’s no big deal. All the cabling is accessible; well, most of the time. What about cables run to the far reaches of your home, such as the gate, under the eaves, and to the pool house? That presents a deeper problem. Topping it off, the situation affects the one application where clarity is more than just enjoyable, it can be literally a matter of life and death; your security cameras.
If you’re like most, the one big knock on your security camera system is that it’s just not clear enough to give details. “Well, officer, it looks like a white guy, with blond hair, in a red shirt. His face? Mmmm, not really sure.” “There’s a dark colored Toyota, with a fuzzy license number I can’t really make out”
You’ve seen it before….. or maybe not really.
Sadly, your vintage security camera system was the culprit, and existing cabling prevented improvement without doing expensive cable retrofitting. It’s the one place in your technology system where fine detail can do more than make for enjoyable Friday nights.
Until recently, there was no likely way around that if your CCTV system was more than a few years old. Back “in the day” the standard cabling used for camera systems wasn’t able to deliver HD quality images when HD security cameras came into wide use a few years ago.
Ah, technology. Some of those white coated guys and gals figured out a way to use all that old cabling buried deep within your walls with honest to goodness HD cameras. Bingo! All the detail that’s fit to print, without ripping up the walls for new cables. Glory be! It’s been a revelation for our clients so far. If you remember how HD revolutionized your TV (Has it really been that long already?) you have an inkling of what you’re in for.
Anywhere, Anytime….
The mobile apps for these things are fantastic too, so you’ll be able to look in at Jenny and Forrest from anywhere with a data connection. On a tablet, the pictures are stunning. It looks like ESPN set up shop at your house. In fact, they look so good, some people just log in to admire their view!
Straight from your phone or tablet you’ll be able to not only view live video, but zoom in, search through previous images, and see past motion events. You’ll have complete control from anywhere; anytime. Yes, it’s super easy. It’s just an app.
Straight Across….
Because it’s a straight swap of the DVR and cameras, we can usually make the transition in only a day or two, depending on your system size. Mileage varies here, of course. Even better, some of the new DVRs work with both your old cameras and the new HD ones, so you can start with changing the most important cameras first, and do others later, if that makes the most sense. Flexibility and picture quality, all wrapped up in one package, yes indeed!
Contact us now to finally have security cameras you can really see something on, without squinting. What was that license plate number again???
Pushing the Envelope
We’re humans. We like pushing the envelope. That pushing has given us things like the electric light, refrigerator, and the ability to get to Cleveland in 162 minutes. Hey, it’s even driven up broadband Internet speeds so you can watch House of Cards in 4k!
Here’s a sample of where all that drive’s gotten us.
The world’s tallest building is pretty darn up there, now… as in 2,717 feet. Sure, that sounds tall, but let’s put it in perspective. Ever been to Seattle? Check out the space needle when you were there? It shoots up 605′.
 Not really to space, but you get the point. Pretty tall, but the Burj Khalifa in Abu Dabi beats it handily. Its 2,717 spire reaches about 4.5 times as close to space as the namesake needle.
Speaking of high speed Internet, just what is the world’s fastest Internet connection? Yeah, that new 100 meg fiber connection you just scored is plenty fast, but it’s got nothing on an Internet connection cooked up by some British scientists. The blokes saw 1.4 TERRABITS per second! That wasn’t some one off system, either. It used all off the shelf, commercial fiber equipment. That’s fast enough to download 144 full HD movies in one second! Blazing!
In the Air
A few years ago, a couple o’ dudes named Wright revolutionized travel, by getting it off the ground. That eons old dream really took off in the years following, and now millions of people zip around the globe every day. What we haven’t done so well is get faster. Come on, you’ve sat in those airport security lines…. may as well rent a car and drive.
The air speed record for seaplanes was set waaayyy back in 1934, by an Italian chap, Francisco Agello, at 440mph. Even the air speed record for air breathing craft that can take off and land from conventional runways has been with us since 1976. Heck, Jane Curtin and Chevy Chase were still on Saturday Night Live!Even if it’s 40 years old, it’s still fast, at 2,193mph and change. That was set in the SR-71 Blackbird, which has been retired. It went out in a blaze of glory in 1990; racing from LA to the Virginia coast on its last flight (that anyone’s talking about) in only 63 minutes!
Remember, if you have questions about anything home entertainment or security related, just ask us. Helping you make the most of your home entertainment, safety, and convenience systems is what we do. We’ll even just chat about the weather!